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The ability to communicate powerfully and persuasively in the challenging environment of the modern business world is essential for top executives.  In fact, with the profound advancements in communication technology and the rapid proliferation of information combining to allow key audiences increasingly greater access to content and data, this vital ability is more important now than ever. Which is why many executives seek help with their communication skills.

hom1 Among the fields most impacted by such growing communication demands, however, are the extremely competitive industries of biotech, pharma, healthcare, and technology.  Yet, these highly specialized sectors, with their complex scientific research capabilities and their unconventional business models, require a level of communications proficiency and dexterity beyond that of more traditional industries.

For executives in these fields, generalized advice from traditional speaker or media training sources is just not enough.

What these executives need is the type of expert guidance that combines the detailed coaching knowledge and the specific industry experience necessary to advise them as they navigate a potentially vast array of unique communication challenges.

They need counsel that helps improve their presentation skills for road shows, investor conferences, and scientific   meetings and hones their interview skills with trade publications, financial reporters, and broadcast media.  And they need a coach that knows how to help executives with various personalities and backgrounds at private and public organizations of all sizes and stages of development.

Or, put simply, they need the expertise of Rich Tammero and Keynote Coaching.
Not all communication coaches are the same, and none can really match the unique combination of communication knowledge, industry experience, and coaching philosophy that Rich Tammero offers through Keynote Coaching.  So, want to learn more about why Keynote Coaching is considered the 1st choice for speaker and media training in the biotech, pharma, healthcare, and technology industries?  Well, please take a few moments to explore this Web Site, and thanks for the consideration!

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Top executives and industry leaders know where to turn for the best in speaker and media training. Learn more about why Rich Tammero and Keynote Coaching have consistenly impressed so many satisfied clients in the biotech, pharma, healthcare, and technology industries.


Created and honed by Rich Tammero, "The Keynote Coaching Approach" optimizes communication skillls through custom guidance and expert counsel, enabling clients to produce powerful content and master persuasive style.  Learn more about this proven coaching strategy.


For startup seedings, VC financings, IPOs, and more, Keynote Coaching is the best choice for effective shareholder communications.  Learn more about how Rich Tammero and Keynote Coaching can help clients to improve how they communicate with their key financial audiences.

A unique combination of core principles that, taken together, provide clients with a very real competitive advantage!